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: A New Website for the International Journal Slověne = Словѣне

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

The updated website of the International Journal of Slavic Studies Slověne = Словѣне is now operating through Open Journal Systems (OJS), which significantly expands the possibilities for Readers, Authors, and Editors, enabling all of them to integrate easily and effectively into the global information space of modern scholarship. We do our best to ensure that the entire publishing process implemented in our journal meets the highest international standards, and we hope that the new format of the website will serve as a proper tool for our further collaboration.

Please go through the simple registration procedure as Readers, Authors, and, if possible, as Reviewers, and you will receive emails on each new issue of the Journal as well as our latest news.

If you have any difficulties with OJS, please contact our Editor, who is also acting as a Technical Support Officer, Alexander Grishchenko at:

Kind regards from Moscow,

The Editorial Team