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Adi Sucipto News and Entertainment

Vol 7, No 1 (2018)

p-ISSN 2304-0785 
e-ISSN 2305-6754 

Editor-in-Chief: Fjodor B. Uspenskij 

Managing Editors: Alla O. Burtseva, Ekaterina I. Kislova, Roman N. Krivko, Maxim M. Makartsev, Roland Marti, Dmitri G. Polonski 
Technical Copy Editors: Alla O. Burtseva, Ekaterina A. Pasternak, Anastasia A. Preobrazhenskaya, Alexandra E. Soboleva, Maria S. Yakovleva 
Russian Language Copy Editor, Proofreader: Alla O. Burtseva, Ekaterina I. Kislova, Maria S. Yakovleva 
English Language Copy Editors, Proofreaders: Matvey A. Borun, Anna A. Ivanova 
Bulgarian Language Copy Editor, Proofreader: Maxim M. Makartsev 
Layout Editor: Marfa N. Tolstaya 
Design (2012): Igor’ N. Ermolaev 

Released for printing 2018-07-31. Format 70 x 100 / 16. Volume 29,75 quires. Offset paper 80 g/m2. 300 copies. Printed in “POLIMEDIA,” Ltd. 143001 Odintsovo, Moscow Oblast, Zapadnaya 13.



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Table of Contents


The Prayer in the Composition of the Synodal Manuscript of Hilarion's Works PDF (Русский)
Alexander M. Moldovan 8-26
The Inscription In Greek on the Fresco Scroll of John the Baptist in the Holy Transfiguration Church of Nereditsa PDF (Русский)
Marina A. Bobrik 27-40
“Erinyes and Maenads”. Who Stood at the Cradle of the New Bulgarian Community in 1185–1186? PDF (Русский)
Andrey Yu. Vinogradov, Anastasia S. Dobychina 41-54
Who is Who in Fourteenth-Century Novgorod? Evidence from Hanseatic Sources PDF
Jos Schaeken 55-70
Joseph Volotsky and Gennady of Novgorod: the Borrowing of Ideas in the Context on anti-“Judaizers” Polemics PDF (Русский)
Alexander A. Kazakov 71-92
“Muscovy Crown” in Polish Kings’ Treasury, 17th–18th cent. (on the origins and fate of the regalia) PDF (Русский)
Alexander V. Lavrentyev 93-114
Authorial changes to the biblical text: quotations in sermons by Simeon of Polotsk PDF (Русский)
Anastasia A. Preobrazhenskaya 115-147
On the First Publisher and the First Publication of Dimitry of Rostov’s Sermons PDF (Русский)
Marina A. Fedotova 148-173
Russia Triumphant: War Poetry in the Eighteenth Century PDF (Русский)
Joachim Klein 174-210
Hyacinth Karpinsky’s translation of the “Tractatus de Processione Spiritus Sancti” by Adam Zernikaw PDF (Русский)
Kristina Ju. Anders-Namzhilova 211-230
An Old Believer’s confessional questionnaire from Latgale: linguocultural analysis of the text PDF (Русский)
Anna A. Plotnikova, Olga V. Trefilova 231-280
The Ukrainian Language in Argentina and Paraguay as an Identity Marker PDF
Gleb P. Pilipenko 281-307
Diversity of Names for Tver Inhabitants in the Local Press (Late 20th and Early 21st Centuries) PDF (Русский)
Maria V. Akhmetova 308-336
The Unattainable Standard — Zagreb Dialect Meets Standard Croatian Accentuation PDF
Mate Kapović 337-362


On the word “polusonok” (Genetivus pluralis) in the “Grifel’naja oda” (“Slate ode”) by Osip Mandel’štam PDF (Русский)
Boris A. Uspenskij 363-367


“The Rite at Cockrow” in Old Russian Tradition PDF (Русский)
Bp. Mstislav (Dyachina), Fr. Mikhail S. Zheltov 368-389
The Pseudepigraphical “Life of Moses” in the “Tichonravov’s Chronograph” and in the Biblical Compendium from the Collection of thе Trinity Lavra of St. Sergius PDF (Русский)
Tatiana V. Anisimova 390-423


Electronic Database of Variation PDF (Русский)
Nina R. Dobrushina, Daria A. Staferova, Alexander A. Belokon 424-436


How to find Croats? An essay about the monograph of D.E. Alimov “The ethnogenesis of Croats…” PDF (Русский)
Aleksei S. Shchavelev 437-449
Aneta Dimitrova, “Zlatostruyat v prevodacheskata deynost na starobalgarskite knizhovnitsi”, Sofiya, Avalon, 2016, 456 s. PDF (Български)
Tatyana Atanasova Ilieva 450-456
Jezierski W., Hermanson L., eds., “Imagined Communities on the Baltic Rim, from the Eleventh to Fifteenth Centuries,” Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press, 2016. 394 p. PDF (Русский)
Timofey V. Guimon 457-467
Natalja Jakovenko, “U poshukah Novogo neba. Zhyttja i teksty Joanykija G'aljatovs'kogo”, Kyïv: Laurus, Krytyka, 2017. 704 s., bybl., yll. PDF (Русский)
Margarita A. Korzo 468-474