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Adi Sucipto News and Entertainment

Vol 5, No 1 (2016)

p-ISSN 2304-0785
e-ISSN 2305-6754

Editor-in-Chief: Fjodor B. Uspenskij
Managing Editors: Alexander I. Grishchenko, Ekaterina I. Kislova, Roland Marti
Technical Copy Editors: Alexander I. Grishchenko, Ekaterina Z. Vologina
Russian Language Copy Editors, Proofreaders: Ekaterina I. Kislova, Maria S. Yakovleva
English Language Copy Editor, Proofreader: Claudia R. Jensen
Layout Editor: Svetlana V. Lebedeva
Design (2012): Igor’ N. Ermolaev

Released for printing 2016-08-27. Format 70 x 100 / 16. Volume 18.75 quires. Offset paper 80 g/m2. 300 copies. Printed in “Belyi Veter.” Shchipok str., 28, Moscow,

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Table of Contents


On the Theotokia in the Canon for St. Wenceslas PDF (Deutsch)
Vittorio Springfield Tomelleri 7–69
St. Anthony of Kiev and the Earliest History of Russian Monasticism (Novitiates in Old Rus’) PDF (Русский)
Boris A. Uspenskij 70–113
Notes on the Word Form Je ‘Is’ in Old Russian and Old Church Slavonic Literature PDF (Русский)
Oleg F. Zholobov 114–125
‘When Going to Saint James’: An Old Russian Graffito from the 12th Century in Aquitania PDF (Русский)
Alexander M. Gordin, Tatiana V. Rozhdestvenskaya 126–147
The Synaxarion Redaction of the Life of St. Alexander Svirsky: A Reconstruction of the Early Stages of the Text History PDF (Русский)
Alexandra E. Soboleva 148–183
The Ideological Basis of the “National” Intellectuals of the Imperial Period: The Views of G. A. Poletika (1725–1784) on “Ukrainian Statehood” PDF (Русский)
Yakov A. Lazarev 184–202
History of the Earliest Russian Old Testament Translation PDF (Русский)
Kristina Ju. Anders 203–217
A Russian Shadow over the Assassination in Sarajevo PDF (Deutsch)
Werner Lehfeldt 218–225
The Foregrounding Function of Praesens Historicum in Russian Translated Adventure Narratives (20th Century) PDF
Anastasia V. Urzha 226–248
Analytic Future Tense in Russian Romani as a Calque from Eastern Slavic PDF (Русский)
Kirill A. Kozhanov 249–262


Acribia and Ameleia: The Context (or Lack Thereof) for Vasily Adodurov’s Grammar PDF (Русский)
Andrei A. Kostin 263–299