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Adi Sucipto News and Entertainment

Vol 10, No 2 (2021)

p-ISSN 2304-0785 
e-ISSN 2305-6754 
DOI 10.31168/2305-6754 

Academic Editors
F. B. Uspenskij (Editor-in-Chief), Vinogradov Russian Language Institute of the RAS, Moscow; E. I. Kislova, Lomonosov Moscow State University; R. Marti, Saarland University, Saarbrücken; D. G. Polonski, Institute for Slavic Studies of the RAS, Moscow; M. N. Saenko, Institute for Slavic Studies of the RAS, Moscow

Managing Editors 
A. O. Burtseva, E. I. Kislova, R. Marti, D. G. Polonski, M. N. Saenko

Technical Copy Editors
A. O. Burtseva, U. V. Kononova, K. V. Sarycheva, A. A. Troitskaya, M. S. Yakovleva

Russian Language Copy Editors, Proofreaders
A. O. Burtseva, E. I. Kislova, U. V. Kononova, M. S. Yakovleva

English Language Copy Editors, Proofreaders
N. S. Berseneva, M. A. Borun, D. I. Glass

Layout Editor M. N. Tolstaya 
Design (2012) I. N. Ermolaev



Released for printing 2021-02-22. Format 70 x 100 / 16. Volume 23 quires. Offset paper 80 g/m2. 300 copies. Institute for Slavic Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 119991 Moscow, Leninsky Prospect, build 32-A. Printed in “POLIMEDIA,” Ltd. 143001 Odintsovo, Moscow Oblast, Zapadnaya 13.



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Table of Contents


Old Czech anděl ‘angel’: a Loanword from Old Church Slavonic or from Latin? PDF
Vít Boček 7-21
A Witness of the Matrimonial Rituals from Old Novgorod. Inscription on a Bone from the 13th Century Excavated 2020 PDF (Русский)
Marina A. Bobrik, Viktor K. Singkh 22-40
The New Testament translation by Martin Lupáč (ca. 1450): Questions of language and authorship PDF (Русский)
Katarína Džunková 41-75
Slavonic Quotations from Athanasius’ Orations against the Arians in Joseph Volotsky and Metropolitan Daniil PDF
Viacheslav V. Lytvynenko 76-96
Whom Are the Mice Burying? The Interpretation of the Lubok Print The Mice Are Burying the Cat PDF (Русский)
Aleksandra A. Pletneva 97-123
“The Visible World”: The Leiden Manuscript and Its Place Among the Russian Translations of Orbis Pictus PDF (Русский)
Vitaly G. Bezrogov, Olga E. Kosheleva, Ekaterina Yu. Romashina 124-162
The Living and the Dead: Visionary Political Ideas of Alexander Radishchev PDF (Русский)
Dmitry Ya. Kalugin 163-192
“1866” in Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace: The Depiction of Militia Gathering in the Socio-Political Context of the 1860s PDF (Русский)
Yulia I. Krasnoselskaya 193-216
Standardization in Balkan Slavic Diachronic Research PDF
Ivan Šimko 217-251
The semantic profile of the verbal prefix do- in Bulgarian and Croatian PDF
Svetlana Nedelcheva, Ljiljana Šarić 252-276
Na with the Accusative: Marking the Addressee of Speech in some Western and Southern Russian Dialects PDF (Русский)
Roman V. Ronko 277-296
Three Different Strategies of Voice Coarticulation in Modern Standard Russian PDF (Русский)
Sergey V. Knyazev 297-320


The Letter of Patriarch Dionysius of Constantinople to Novgorod (1467): Fate of the Slavic Translation PDF (Русский)
Maria V. Korogodina 321-337


Latin vs. Russian: the Languages of Rhetoric Classes in 18th Century Russian Seminaries PDF (Русский)
Ekaterina I. Kislova 338-352


N. M. Karamzin’s Literary Transfer PDF (Русский)
Konstantin Yu. Lappo-Danilevskii 353-366