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Remembering Arseny Nikolaevich Nasonov

Vladimir A. Kuchkin


August 2018 marked 120 years since Arseny Nasonov’s (1898-1965) birth. Arseny Nikolaevich Nasonov was an exceptional historian and a specialist in archaeography. His works on the history of Russian chronicle-writing, as well as studies and publications on various Russian historical sources, still remain, in many regards, a standard.  By the editorial board decision, in Arseny Nasonov’s memory, this issue of Slověne features several articles connected to his research interests. This collection begins with memoirs of V. Kuchkin, who started his scientific career under Nasonov’s tutelage.


DOI: 10.31168/2305-6754.2018.7.2.13


History of Rus’; Source Studies; Russian chronicles; archaeography; Arseny Nikolaevich Nasonov; Michael Nikolaevich Tikhomirov; The Life of Mikhail Yaroslavich of Tver


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