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Adi Sucipto News and Entertainment

Vol 8, No 2 (2019)

p-ISSN 2304-0785 
e-ISSN 2305-6754 
DOI 10.31168/2305-6754 

Academic Editors: F. B. Uspenskij (Editor-in-Chief), E. I. Kislova, R. N. Krivko, R. Marti, D. G. Polonski 

Managing Editors: A. O. Burtseva, E. I. Kislova, M. M. Makartsev, R. Marti, D. G. Polonski, A. E. Soboleva
Technical Copy Editors: A. O. Burtseva, E. A. Pasternak, X. Dmitrieva, K. V. Sarycheva, A. A. Troitskaya, M. S. Yakovleva 
Russian Language Copy Editors, Proofreaders: A. O. Burtseva, L. Sh. Davletshina, E. I. Kislova, K. V. Sarycheva, M. S. Yakovleva
Bulgarian Language Copy Editor, Proofreader: M. M. Makartsev
English Language Copy EditorProofreader: M. A. Borun, D. D. Khazankin
Layout Editor: Marfa N. Tolstaya 
Design (2012): Igor’ N. Ermolaev 

Released for printing 2019-12-25. Format 70 x 100 / 16. Volume 26,5 quires. Offset paper 80 g/m2. 300 copies. Printed in “POLIMEDIA,” Ltd. 143001 Odintsovo, Moscow Oblast, Zapadnaya 13.



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Table of Contents


The Menaia of Two Domkas. Once More on the Scribes of the Menaia from the Novgorod Convent of St. Lazarus PDF (Русский)
Savva M. Mikheev 7-56
Subject-tracking and Topic Continuity in the Church Slavonic Translation of the Story of Abraham and his Niece Mary PDF
Dieter Stern 57-86
Menology of the Jerusalem Typicon in the Russian Manuscripts of the XV Century: The Early Formation and Development of the Repertoire of the Commemorations of Saints PDF (Русский)
Irina М. Gritsevskaya 87-112
On the origin of the epithet “Logothetes” used by Pachomius the Serb PDF (Русский)
Zoia N. Isidorova 113-139
Food and Axiology According to Two Texts in the 16th century Moldavian miscellany Ms.Slav. BAR 649 PDF (Български)
Mariyana Tsibranska-Kostova 140-162
“Russian author” in 1739: Gottlieb Bayer, Ivan Taubert and the First Steps of Russian School Literary Canon PDF (Русский)
Andrei A. Kostin, Tatiana V. Kostina 163-197
To the History of M. V. Lomonosov’s “Russian Grammar”: Chronology, Versions, Collaborators PDF (Русский)
Natalia V. Kareva, Evgeny G. Pivovarov 198-216
The Poetic Phraseology of Pushkin’s translation “From A. Chénier”: Sources and Contexts PDF (Русский)
Elena V. Kardash 217-238
From the Spectator to Spectators: Forms of Capitalization of the Dramatist’s Work in the First Half of the 19th Century (“Leib-kucher Petra III” by August von Kotzebue and “Parasha Sibiryachka” by Nikolai Polevoy) PDF (Русский)
Andrey S. Fedotov 239-259
Types of Modality in South Slavic Stative Reflexive-Dative Constructions PDF
Liljana Mitkovska 260-287


A Byzantine Epistle on Bishop Ordination and its Text History in Russia in the 13th–14th Centuries PDF (Русский)
Maria V. Korogodina 288-349
The Polish Triumph in Warsaw in 1661 on the Occasion of the Victories of the Polish-Lithuanian Troops of the Previous “Happy Year”: the Moscow Translation of a Special Issue of the First Polish Newspaper “Merkuriusz Polski” PDF (Русский)
Piotr Kroll, Alexandr V. Malov, Stepan M. Shamin 350-376
The Happy Homecoming of Mikhail Kutuzov PDF (Русский)
Elena V. Zimenko, Alexander L. Lifshits 377-411


The Slavic Glosses in Medieval Jewish Works PDF (Русский)
Anatoly A. Alexeev 412-418
Comprehensive Dictionary of Modern Church Slavonic. Vol. II. “В” PDF (Русский)
Margarita I. Chernysheva 419-424