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Adi Sucipto News and Entertainment

Vol 5, No 2 (2016)

p-ISSN 2304-0785
e-ISSN 2305-6754

Editor-in-Chief: Fjodor B. Uspenskij
Managing Editors: Alexander I. Grishchenko, Roman N. Krivko, Aleksey M. Pentkovskiy
Technical Copy Editors: Alexander I. Grishchenko, Alexandra E. Soboleva
Russian Language Copy Editor, Proofreader: Maria S. Yakovleva
English Language Copy Editor, Proofreader: Claudia R. Jensen
Macedonian Language Copy Editor, Proofreader: Maxim M. Makartsev
Serbian Language Copy Editor, Proofreader: Katarina Begović
Assistant Editor: Okuto Gundji
Layout Editor: Marfa N. Tolstaya
Design (2012): Igor’ N. Ermolaev

Released for printing 2016-12-30. Format 70 x 100 / 16. Volume 23,75 quires. Offset paper 80 g/m2. 300 copies. Printed in “Belyi Veter.” Shchipok str., 28, Moscow,

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Table of Contents

The Region of St. Clement of Ohrid’s Activities (a Map) PDF (Русский)
Editorial PDF (Русский)


St. Clement of Ohrid, Khan/kniaz Boris-Mikhail and Kniaz/tsar Simeon: Historical Aspects PDF (Македонски)
Boban Petrovski 10–53
The Slavic Liturgy of the Byzantine Rite and the Corpus of Slavic Liturgical Books at the End of the 9th and the Beginning of the 10th Centuries PDF (Русский)
Aleksey M. Pentkovskiy 54–120
Territorial Dioceses and Ethnic Episcopies in the Structure of the Church Organization of the First Bulgarian Kingdom (Canonical Aspects) PDF (Русский)
Archpriest Alexander Zadornov 121–135
The Archaeological Evidence of St. Clement of Ohrid’s Activities in the Ohrid Region PDF (Македонски)
Pasko Kuzman 136–178
Glagolitic Inscriptions on Ceramic Vessels Uncovered during Archaeological Excavations in Scupi (Skopje) PDF (Македонски)
Antonio Jakimovski, Igor Tolevski 179–197
The Primary Slavic Complex of Liturgical Books of the Byzantine Rite (“Clement’s corpus”) and the Formation of the Macedonian Redaction of Church Slavonic PDF (Македонски)
Emilija Crvenkovska 198–230
The Serbian Redaction of the Church Slavonic Language: From St. Clement, the Bishop of the Slavs, to St. Sava, the Serbian Archbishop PDF (Srpski)
Viktor Savić 231–339
Linguistic Features of the Earliest Copy of the Didactic Gospel by Constantine the Presbyteros: From the East Slavic Manuscript to the South Slavic Archetype PDF (Русский)
Roman N. Krivko 340–363


Byzantines, Jews, and Latins in Medieval Bulgaria: Others, within and outside the Commonwealth PDF
Dmitry I. Polyvyannyy 364–369
Bulgarian Polemical Literature in the Confessional Strife between Rome and Constantinople PDF
Dmitry I. Polyvyannyy 370–376